Lip stuff stock

As I’m laying out all my lip stuff in preparation for photography in today’s post, The kid asks me, “What’s the function of all these pictures?”
“They’re to show my whole collection on the blog.” انا ارد.
“So it’s like… makeup porn?” سأل.
“نعم! لك ذالك!”

My lip stock is most likely the least interesting of all of my stashes – the majority of my lip products can in shape into one frame:

I’m just not that into lipsticks. I feel strong colours don’t fit my face. I’m likewise not into matte structures or shimmer, or excessively glossy completes – so it leaves me with a relatively narrow band of comfort zone, as you’ll see in my stash. as well as I only own 5 MAC lipsticks! (of which 3 are retired)  It’s fairly little by comparison to my eye shadow stock (600+) or nail polish stock (400+)   That said, I have amassed a great deal of lip balms as well as butter butters.

I keep the bulk of my lipsticks inside a big drawer (beneath my blushes as well as eye shadows – the lipsticks understand where they stand with me!)

I likewise have a few acrylic cubes where I store my a lot more often utilized tinted lip balms:

Onto the lip stash:

MAC lippies – I only utilize the 2 on the far ideal (L to R: Twig, Peachstock, adorable Ster, Cosmo as well as Mystical).

The 3 C.O. Bigelow tubes on the left are my HG night time lip balms!

That owl is a lip balm! A gift from a friend.

This is the EOS in their natural habitat – I published about them on Easter.  That apple one is the bath & Body Works’ version of EOS – it’s not extremely good.

I’d state at least a quarter of my lip stock is slated to be tossed out due either to expiry or they’re just not colours I would ever wear (I don’t have a great reason for why I even gotten them to begin with!)  I’ve set aside a lot of these to be featured in a future “purge” post.  I’m likewise embarrassed to state that yes, a few of those lipsticks are undoubtedly unused as well as untried.  I failed to remember about them!  If you have any type of concerns about any type of of the products pictured, feel complimentary to ask in the comments.

Are you a lipstick fiend? What formulas / shades might you suggest to me?

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