Urban Decay’s Perversion false Lashes in Trap may Lure You into believing That You might wear Them To get feline Food

metropolitan Decay Perversion false Lashes in Trap
If you believe you’re going to wear metropolitan Decay’s new Perversion Lashes in Trap ($15) to Target to get feline food without having people really, truly gaze at you, you are mistaken. since these lashes look totally cra-zay-zy in genuine life.

I mean, they look excellent in pics! They’re absolutely dramatic…which makes sense; that is what the new Perversion Lash line is all about.


If you’re going out clubbing or have a huge night on the town or if you just landed that task as a full-time dominatrix (*cracks whip), then yeah. remarkable lashes.

But for, like, genuine life type of stuff, nuh-uh. I look downright outrageous with these on, like I must be hanging out with Britney when she shaved her head, as well as attacking cars and trucks with an umbrella.

Trap is one of three new $15 Perversion Lash styles, all long-term members of the UD line.


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It’s weird… Whenever I wear Trap as well as publish pics, I normally get some great comments, as well as I believe it’s since of the length of the lashes, particularly the bundles around the center.

I believe they make my eyes look wider, like that doe-eyed thing to the Nth degree, which I like. as well poor they’re about as comfortable as a pair of six-inch pointy high heels a half size as well small.

So, that band — kudos to UD for making it black, which saves me from having to paint over it, however it’s rigid as well as nearly straight, so the inner side just keeps lifting up, no matter exactly how much glue I use.

Oh, as well as the lashes are hella heavy. I like my full-length falsies to feel lighter than air (I’m an Ardell 120 Demi natural kinda girl); otherwise, I get a headache, which is what occurs when I wear Trap.

I can’t wear these for much longer than 10 minutes at a time, so I’ll most likely utilize them mainly for high drama pics.

I like the look…but they can be a pain.

PRICE: $15
AVAILABILITY: offered now in the long-term line at Ulta as well as choose Macy’s stores, as well as likewise online
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: C+ (depends on what you want them for)

You truly do discover something new every day

In addition to choosing up a few Vitamin Waters as well as feline food at Target last night, I likewise went to celebration City to get balloons for El Hub’s birthday today.

I embellished the home with them very first thing this morning before he got up, as well as I’m likewise baking a cake.

Not one from scratch, mind you. It’s from a box (chocolate), since I’m seriously out of baking method as well as don’t want to danger it.

Anywho, I discovered out at celebration City that you’re not meant to keep helium balloons in a hot cars and truck since they might pop as the gas expands.


Interesting… Why do I want to test that out?

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