The primary colors Are of primary importance in My look Today With NARS Torre del Oro nail polish

primary colors!
Wow, when did that happen…?

When did we teleport back to eighth-grade art class?


I’m wearing red, yellow and blue today and feeling like I’m sketching an apple and using those grids to get the proportions correct (you know the ones I mean).

My eighth-grade art teacher would always go off on tangents about the primary colors, and then, while he was rambling, he’d suddenly get this glassy, faraway look in his eyes, like he was dreaming about the seminal summer he spent on the coast of Italy painting and eating pasta.

Actually, now that I think about it, that glassy look could’ve been due to something else, as I’m pretty sure he was a total stoner, but I digress…


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

42 دولار

تسوق الآن

أيال! Besides learning how hard it is to draw bowls and vases (those curves are seriously freaking difficult), I also learned that you really can’t go wrong with pairing red with yellow and blue. It’s a classic color combo.

This morning, I put on this bright highlighter yellow top, and then slipped on some layering necklaces with red, yellow, blue and white.

And a blue and gold bracelet.

NARS Torre del Oro
Then, to play off the red accents in the necklaces, I chose a cherry red nail polish by NARS called Torre del Oro ($20), an opaque blue-based red with killer pigment (you could easily get away with a single layer, no مشكلة).

Cherry red, she said…

I really dig cherry reds like this one. I think they flatter warm and amazing skin tones, and you can wear ’em pretty much all year round. like a timeless red lip, red nails never go out of style.

NARS Torre del Oro is one of 43 shades in the recently revamped NARS nail polish line launching July 15 at NARS boutiques and narscosmetics.com, and August 1 at Sephora stores and department stores.
I think we’re on to something with the whole “wearing nail polish as an additional accessory,” babe. I can’t believe it took me this long to get on board.

It’s fun to play up whatever you’re wearing with your nails. My detail-oriented inner freakazoid loves it.

Two layers of Torre del Oro (although I could’ve easily gotten away with just one)


Anybody else rocking red nails today?

مدمن جمال الجوار الخاص بك،


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