The Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne warm summertime 2013 Collection seems as well as looks hot

The new Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne warm summertime 2013 collection
One look across a congested Nordstrom store yesterday as well as it was ON!

That’s all it took to catch me — the new Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne warm summertime 2013 collection.


It flicked a primal switch, as well as I started run-walking toward the counter (probably making grabby hands in the air).

مضحك جداً! Alright, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic…

No, the a lot more I believe about it, it was precisely like that.


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

42 دولار

تسوق الآن

I was moving so quick toward those purples, greens, corals as well as bronzes that I nearly tripped in my Michael Kors birthday heels…which wouldn’t have been all poor as I would have fallen into the display.

Here are some pics as well as swatches of the quads as well as polishes.

YSL summertime 2013 Pure Chromatics Quad No 13 on the left as well as No 20 on the right, $55 each
YSL summertime 2013 Pure Chromatics Quad No 20 ($55)
Terre Saharienne mat Bronzers in 10, 20 as well as 30 ($50 each)

La Lacque in Vert D’Orient, Taupe Mauresque as well as Violine Surrealiste
Pure Chromatics Quad No 13 on the left as well as water resistant Eye Pencil in No. 10 on the right
Pure Chromatics Quad No 20; Rouge Pur Couture glossy spots in 14 as well as 31
Terre Saharienne mat Bronzers in 10, 20 as well as 30 on the left; La Laque nail polishes on the ideal from top to bottom: Vert D’Orient,Taupe Mauresque as well as Violine Surrealiste
YSL summertime 2013 Swatches

YSL likewise has a new perfume out called Manifesto that I like. I asked a YSL artist named Christina at the Nordie’s out right here about one of the notes I couldn’t rather place, as well as she said, “tonka beans.” It’s a note the business normally only utilizes in their fragrances for men, as well as I believe it provides Manifesto a bit of a masculine edge. ما زلت أحب ذلك على الرغم من. It’s worth a sniff next time you’re there.

Manifesto, $82 for a 1.6-ounce bottle

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto official fragrance notes
Bergamot, eco-friendly notes, blackcurrant buds, jasmine, lily of the valley, cream, cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean as well as vanilla

I sprayed some on my wrist, started to walk away, as well as then turned back to request a sample! It’s extremely spicy as well as warm, as well as even though it seems nearly like a autumn fragrance, I frankly don’t care. أنا أحب ذلك كثيرا.

The quads as well as purple liner were likewise quite tempting, however I handled to walk away for now.

I couldn’t withstand the eco-friendly nail polish, though, Vert D’Orient. I had to bring that house with me…

We’ll see exactly how my restraint holds up when I head back to the counter next Friday for a makeover at the Corte Madera Nordstrom quite Party.

Have you heard of Nordstrom quite Parties? They’re these complimentary appeal events they’re holding at different Nordstrom stores across the country this spring as well as summer, where the counters provide complimentary makeovers as well as skincare consultations, hand out deluxe samples as well as do gifts with purchases. If you utilize the store locator, it’ll let you understand if any type of of the stores near you are doing them.

The one at the Corte Madera store takes location on both Friday as well as Saturday, April 19 as well as 20, from 11-6 p.m.

To book a booking for a makeover, just swing by any type of of the participating appeal counters, or if you’re in my area, phone call Christina at the Corte Madera Nordie’s YSL counter at (415) 927-1690 X1072. She’ll set ya up.

I’m intending to walk out of my makeover appearing like this…assuming I can discover a stone cow (or is that a goat?).

أريد أن أذهب إلى هناك…
Did you do anything fun last night? It hit me that one of my biggest joys in life lately has been sitting on the couch in my pajamas, eating leftover Thai food as well as enjoying The Mindy Project. (Yes, I’ve done this a lot more than when over the past two weeks…not with the exact same Thai food, of course.)


Every time I enjoy that show I fracture up chuckling at least twice!

مدمن نداء المجتمع الخاص بك،


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